owch, my ribs

morose mother fucker

ye merry gentle men

hello friends,

what is up,

i am cooking up a choreezo stew

i elected not to buy food from arbees

it is healthier and more productive and things to cook a chorizo stew in one's own home

it allows one to practice the skill of "cooking" and also to enjoy a food with better nutritional properties than that found at arbees

i have to be attentive to the cooking process

its almost finished cooking

cant stop cooking my stew just to talk to yoo,

i did not mean to join,

but i would like to. apeel?

i will never mention con sway lo again

I am wig now.

not the name contained therein

what do you say to this ole ive branch friends?

what can i do to convince you of my contrition and intent to reform

i will be ruined if i cannot return to the cool eye are see.

i am in hell

it is the truth


please do not say that name, 

i am a man of extreme contrition and regret and will never again perform the grievous crimes that resulted in my banning

that stuff is behind me

it has been several months friends you can imagine the amount of time i have had to consider all the terrible things i have done

i am afraid that if you do not commute my sentence i will be forced to join #site19 using a different i.p. address and nick name and then behave as a productive member of the channel, such that you will be unable to identify me

i am extremely skilled in acting like a productive member, friends.

i am full to the brim with contrition

will you have pity on a terrible clown such as myself

i can hold on for any duration friend


consuelo it is important that i join #site19 successfully

my commitment to this personal reform is far too great to be foiled by your trick

i feel it is important to follow the spirit of the law rather than the letter

if you think you follow both then you are missing the dang point of the notion of distinguishing the spirit and letter of the law

man sir what if i behave differently though

\ in such a way that you can not tell i am consuelo

well sir i am resigned to my terrible fate as a banned man but my affection for you cool friends is such that i cannot help but join here and give you my warm greetings from time to time

hello i enjoy all of you fine men and women highly and i have tried to exercise friendliness toward you in all affairs and i have not committed the offense of saying my name in a great while

i am interested in turning over a new leaf and gaining the friendship and acceptance of the fine people of #site19

will you forgive me for my terrible past crimes

man i am doing okay, i am excited that it is now november and my opportunity to return to the fine channel of #site19 has finally come

i am anxious about the prospect of reaching middle age without having reconnected with my cool friends at #site19

if you begin to increase the duration by one year per instance of joining the channel i will surely be banned into the twenty-second century